OMEI is my ambient, dark industrial,  or doesn’t really stick to a genre side project. Each release or track attempts to concentrate on one thought and extend it through to its conclusion. Its a hard look at my obsessive/compulsive thought process. SICKNESS can be though of as a thousand thoughts in 10 seconds. OMEI is the same thought for 10 hours. OMEI comes from the place were I focus on problems, break them down, rework, reconstruct and re-ruin, with the final result of some kind of resolution. This is the initial idea for all my work as OMEI.

My of the releases and and upcoming OMEI events will be covered on the main SICKNESS page but I will try and achieve what I can to this section when I have the time.

Omei / Cloama / Valence “Decay, Decline, Destruction” on Primitive Air Raid - CD
OMEI “Black Eyed Angels” on Solipsism - CDR
OMEI “...A Single Sickened Cell” on Beauty and Pain - Review1 - Review2 - CD
OMEI “When All Your Ghosts Are Tired” - Ninth Circle Music/ Misanthrope Studio - CD
OMEI “Black Prayers II & III” - Hospital Productions - Tape
OMEI releases are available at Beauty and Pain (now Absolute Zero Media), Self Abuse, RRRecords, Groundfault, Century Media, Manifold Records, and many other outlets.